Why Choose Us?

ACUSA is a wholesale supplier specializing in fruits. From truckloads or pallet, ACUSA delivers top quality products at affordable prices. We open new sales channels for suppliers, and ensure that our customers have the ingredients they need for their specific applications and new developments.

Our ingredients are from Chile which is an origin that offers convenient prices, safe products and high quality standards.

Acusa is the official representative of Agrocepia, a recognized company with more than 30 years in the market, thanks to this we sell quality products.

About Us?

Since 2003, ACUSA has been successfully supplying ingredients for the food industry in the USA and Canada. The range of products we distribute include dehydrated apple, dehydrated cherry, and a complete line of fruits infused with apple juice.

Our very satisfied customers are small and large food manufacturers of baked goods, snacks, cereals, baby food, ice cream, dessert items as well as many other specialties. We offer you opportunities for new or innovative products.


ACUSA has warehouses in different locations allowing us to serve our customer across the United States and Canada.

United States:

  • Greatlake Warehouse - 48-50 State Line Road, Calumet City, IL 60409, USA.





The quality and safety of our products are guaranteed.

FDA, this Quality Management Program is the key to guarantee under food safety aspects a final product which is in compliance with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) laws and regulations.

BRC, is an international Food Safety Management Systems standard, and is one of the GFSI recognized certification schemes. It contains requirements for food processors to follow to build an effective food safety management system.

KOSHER refers to a set of biblical laws that detail not only the types of food that jewish people can eat but also the ways in which it has to be prepared. When a facility is Kosher certified the clients know that the strict policy of kosher food laws are fulfilled including cleanliness, purity and quality. For a product to be kosher certified, and to qualify for a kosher certificate, each ingredient, food additive and processing aid used in its production must also be kosher.

HALAL, is a word from Arabic that means lawful or permissible, and that among Muslims identifies everything that from a religious point of view meets this condition. It has application in various elements of the material life and customs of the Muslim, but its application in food, beverages, medicines and cosmetics is especially known.

The certificate is a document that guarantees that products and services aimed at the Muslim population meet the requirements of Islamic law and therefore are suitable for them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the minimum order?
  2. One pallet with 36 cases is the minimum order, the weights depend on the product can be 25, 30 or 40 lbs per case.

  3. How is your product distributed?
  4. We worked with warehouses in different places in USA and Canada where keep inventory for your orders.

  5. What about sulfites?
  6. SO2 is used as a preservative to inhibit microbial growth and retain product color. The SO2 is used in dehydrated apple mainly.

  7. What temperature do I need to storage the product?
  8. Heat and/or humidity can damage dried fruit. That's why we always recommend you store your fruit at 42° or less.

  9. Are your product kosher?
  10. Yes, all our product are kosher.